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Hi, I’m Kristen!  

I consider myself equally a foodie and a wellness geek, and it often feels like I’m fighting an inner tug-of-war between the two.  

I have an insatiable appetite for learning the science behind how various foods, supplements, and dietary plans support overall health. (There may or may not be an entire shelf of my pantry devoted to carefully researched supplements that I curate in weekly pill packs for me and my husband.)  

And yet I hate the idea of eliminating entire food groups or feeling restricted in what I should or shouldn’t eat. I’ve tried every kind of diet you can imagine (vegan, gluten-free, keto, low-glycemic, and on and on…), but my foodie side always rebels against the heavy constraints. (What fun is life if you never get to eat cheese?)  

As you might imagine, when my husband and I began getting serious about preparing to start a family, I dove deep into the research rabbit hole. My bookshelf and Audible library quickly filled up with books on fertility, pregnancy, and the massive role nutrition plays in bringing a healthy baby into the world. 
As usual, my husband was a good sport whenever I geeked out on a new bit of research. I started tinkering with our daily supplements and introducing new recipes based on everything I was learning, and we both started feeling healthier than we had in years. 

I kept getting hung up, though, on everything you’re supposed to avoid when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. Cue my biggest inner tug-of-war yet, this time over… coffee.

I knew I would need to give up caffeine, but I wasn’t ready to give up coffee entirely. There’s just no better way to start my day than with a mug of coffee and snuggles with my two neurotic pups. Unfortunately, I’ve done enough research to know how toxic and chemical-ridden the decaffeination process, so decaf didn’t seem like a viable option, especially when preparing to grow a healthy tiny human.  

That’s when I decided to start White Stork Coffee, an organic, chemical-free decaf coffee made especially for expecting moms. And while guilt-free coffee is already great, I figured, why not take it even a step further? That’s why we’ll soon be offering additional products to turn your cup of Joe into a super-drink for fertility and pregnancy. (Stay tuned!) 

I never want you to have to choose between your health (or your baby’s health!) and the simple joys in life, like your morning coffee. So this is my small way of helping you milk the most enjoyment possible out of your journey to new mamahood. 

- Kristen