Pregnancy-Safe Decaf


White Stork Coffee is the perfect companion for expectant mothers who desire a great tasting, decaffeinated coffee experience. Our coffee is exclusively processed through the Swiss Water method, a 100% chemical-free process that removes caffeine without sacrificing the rich, authentic flavors of the coffee beans. White Stork Coffee presents a perfect blend of bold, robust, and smooth coffee that's as delightful as your regular caffeinated brew, but significantly safer for you and your developing little one.

Every cup of White Stork Coffee is a testament to our commitment to health, taste, and the unmatched joy of motherhood. Our beans are sourced meticulously to deliver a rich, full-bodied experience, unveiling subtle hints of chocolate and caramel with each sip. And yet, it's entirely decaffeinated, ensuring a worry-free enjoyment that caters to the health of both mother and baby.

Pregnancy-Safe Decaf
Pregnancy-Safe Decaf


Eco-friendly Swiss Water Processing for sustainable decaffeination.

Safe for Mothers

Safe for expecting mothers while still providing great taste.


Chemical-free, providing a healthier decaffeinated coffee.


Retains full-bodied flavor, dispelling notions of bland decaf.

The Perfect Cup for Expecting Mothers

White Stork Coffee.

Created with love, brewed for two. The perfect coffee for expecting mothers, White Stork Coffee is 100% decaf and processes through the Swiss water method - promising a non-toxic, delicious cup of coffee that you and your baby will love.

Swiss Water Processed

We ensure your coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This eco-friendly, chemical-free decaffeination process removes caffeine for your safety while preserving all the rich flavors of the coffee.

Great Taste, Safe Sip

Who says decaf has to be bland?
With Stork Coffee, you'll enjoy a smooth, robust coffee that's safer for you and your little one.

What our customers say

As an expectant mother, finding White Stork Coffee has been a godsend. I love that it's decaf and processed through the Swiss Water method, so it's safe for my baby and me. But the best part? It actually tastes like real, full-bodied coffee. The subtle notes of chocolate and caramel are delightful. It's been wonderful to enjoy a morning coffee ritual without any guilt or worry.

Anne W.


Being pregnant shouldn't mean giving up the joy of a perfect cup of coffee, and White Stork Coffee truly delivers on this principle. The flavor is robust, the aroma is comforting, and knowing it's decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend White Stork to all coffee-loving moms-to-be who want to keep savoring their coffee moments safely.

Sacha K.


This coffee is a game-changer for pregnant coffee lovers! It's decaf, but you wouldn't know from the taste. It's rich, smooth, and perfectly balanced. Plus, it's Swiss Water processed, so I can trust it's a healthier option for me and my little one. This coffee has made my pregnancy mornings much more enjoyable. It's a taste of the familiar in an exciting time of change.

Marcie L.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The Swiss Water Process is a method of decaffeination that uses water, temperature, and time to remove caffeine from coffee beans. It's a chemical-free process, ensuring a healthier and safer cup of coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Johnson

I enjoyed my White Stork Coffee so much! It was really tasty and helped me to replace my old cup of caffeinated coffee - I truly didn't miss it at all, which is great because finding decaf that tastes good AND is healthy is hard to do. I would highly recommend this coffee to anyone who wants amazing flavor, without the chemicals.