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White Stork Coffee

Fertility Spice Blend

Fertility Spice Blend

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White Stork Coffee's signature Fertility Spice Blend is the perfect companion to your fertility regimen! Made with Maca Root, Red Clover and Cinnamon as the main ingredients, it's the perfect booster to your oatmeal, toast or mixed in with White Stork Coffee! LIMIT 1 SPICE BLEND PER CUSTOMER.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Loving this

I’ve been putting this in my morning coffee and loving it! I didn’t expect to enjoy the flavor as much as I do. Hoping to support hormonal balance :)

All this goodness in a convenient container!

I've been putting a few shakes in my morning cup of milk as part of my efforts to balance my hormones. Can't wait to try it on tea! Maybe I'll add some honey as well.

Tyler Juices
Great stuff

Sprinkled this into my coffee and taste so good.

Evalena D
Delicious and supports my hormones ✨️

I love this spice blend! It has the classic cinnamon/baking spice flavor layered over a deeper earthy vibe from the clover, maca root and turmeric. Honestly a brilliant combination. I have loved using it in my mushroom coffee and in oatmeal. I'm excited to also try it in pancakes and baked goods, I already know it will steal the show. Doing everything I can to support my health since coming off birth control. Much love to Kristen and the team ❤️☕️


First impression was the smell and I knew immediately I was going to love it. It’s great in coffee and my new favorite ingredient to add to oatmeal! I came off birth control about 6 months ago and my hormones are still a little crazy. Im excited to add this product into my day to help support and balance hormones post BC.